I am SO excited! The year is almost done and 2016 is right around the corner! And THIS is going to be MY year!

I have forgiven myself for wasting time in 2015 and put all the guilt of procrastination and failure behind me! I’ve selected my focus words for the year (Discipline, Awareness, and Balance) and I will be DAB’ing the whole year, even when the dance goes out of style! I have created a new vision board and I have acquired a beautiful black and white zebra printed journal to write down my blessings of gratitude, my prayers, my dreams, my tasks, and my reflections each day! And what I mean by “acquired” is stole from my sister. Well it’s not exactly stealing because she’s my sister and we love each other, right? Besides, she stole my favorite brown sweater the last time she visited! I LOVED that sweater! It was the perfect shade of chocolate brown and matched PERFECTLY with this gorgeous ZEBRA printed cream, caramel and brown skirt in my closet, which by the way, hasn’t looked right since she took my sweater! So it’s only fair that I took the zebra printed journal off her desk in her office the last time I visited her! Oh wait! I digress! I apologize! – Back to the article!

I promised myself this year that I would not piddle away my time in 2016, but I would make every moment count…

…so I bought a gorgeous 2016 calendar/planner! I’ve already gone through and marked the important dates – birthdays, anniversaries, my firstborn’s graduation date, doctor appointments, school performances, vacations, weddings, and baby showers (for other people not me)! All of my important life events are chronicled! It’s so pretty with its colored coded highlighters and bright ink! I love it! But where is Building Brighter Kids? Where are my goals and tasks for reaching those goals? Oh yeah! They’re on my vision board pinned to the wall in my office! And it hit me! THAT’S why I haven’t been successfully reaching my goals for Building Brighter Kids! Yes, I’d wasted time! Yes, I’d procrastinated! Yes, I’d missed my target on several occasions! But now I see why! I had not scheduled my dream into my life! I’d not made my dream/purpose a part of my life! A part of who I am!

You see, our goals, dreams, aspirations and purpose are NOT a separate entity apart from WHO WE ARE!

They make up who we are! Just like being a mom, wife, sister, daughter, friend, church member, and teacher, being a business owner, author, and speaker, are also a part of WHO I AM too!!! Just like scheduling appointments for the doctor, dentist, optometrist, even the hair salon, we must schedule our dreams! I make sure to get to my doctor appointment because I don’t want to get stuck with that $50 cancellation fee! I rarely miss my hair appointments because my hair has to look good! I show up for my kids’ performances at school, church and everywhere else because I’m their mom and I wouldn’t miss those for anything! I’m on time for work most mornings (I’m a polychrome. LOL!) because I need my paycheck. I schedule those things on my calendar and I meet those commitments! Why not do the same for Building Brighter Kids?

In 2016, I’ve decided to schedule my dreams, goals, aspirations and purpose right into my daily life!

I’m going to pull out that colorful calendar and highlight places where I want my dream to go! Each day, week, or month, I’m going to book an appointment with my dream! If I take off work for a few hours to see a doctor, I can take off a few hours to meet with my aspirations! I will not wait to give my dream the leftover time I have at the end of the day when my brain is foggy, I’m frustrated, or just plain exhausted from fulfilling all the other commitments on my calendar. Nope! I will make sure that I make a place for my business, my writing, and speech creation when I am at my best. When I’m tempted to cancel the appointment, I will think about the cost! It won’t be a measly $50 cancellation fee! Oh no! It will be so much more!

When I miss an appointment with my dream, it costs me time that I will never get back.

It costs someone in the world the solution they need from me to make the lives of their children better! Missing or cancelling my appointment with my dream will cost me my gifts and talents that God has given me to build His kingdom! It may even cost someone their life! That’s a pretty hefty price to pay for simply missing a 30 minute appointment with my dream! Wow! That’s profound! The world needs what I have to offer! I’ve been charged with a mission to help parents help their kids succeed in school and life! I have a divine appointment that I cannot miss! So starting today, I will schedule my dream along with the other important dates on my calendar and I will do all that I can to make every appointment!

How about you? What have missed appointments with your dream cost you? Time? Money? Your influence in the world?

Don’t let your busy life rob you of the life you were meant to live! Don’t keep your goals on a vision board tacked up in your office where you only glance at them in passing from time to time! Make a change today! Get a pretty calendar, some highlighters, and brightly colored pens and start scheduling appointments with your dreams, goals, and aspirations today! I can’t wait to hear what you have scheduled! Drop a comment in the section below to share with me how you plan to schedule and KEEP your appointments with your dreams!

Have a wonderful Live Your Life day!

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