By a show of hands, who’s glad that 2015 is over?

It’s ok to raise your hand. No one’s looking! I will be the first to admit that I’m happy 2015 is in the past. I wouldn’t say it was a BAD year, but let’s just say it was an interesting, character-building year. My year was a year of testing, challenges, tough decisions, ups and downs and a general sense of unsettledness.

In some ways, I feel as if I let 2015 happen to me.

I was stunned by the things that came my way and sometimes found myself paralyzed by fear and doubt. In hindsight, several situations could have been different, but I can’t allow myself to get stuck crying over spilled milk. 2015 is now the past and I cannot allow myself to be stuck there. Instead, I’m looking forward to 2016 and I’m going to face it head on.

I have great expectations for 2016 and I believe great things will happen. How about you?

Instead of letting 2016 happen to me, I will be proactive and intentional about living life on my terms. Of course, unexpected things will come my way, but the one thing I have control over is my reaction. I’m going to make some different choices in 2016. This is the year I choose freedom. I choose joy. I choose simplicity. I choose authenticity. I choose to live on purpose and with intention. This will be the year that I do things differently! Who’s with me??

I am thrilled to have the opportunity to share my journey with you through the Live Your Life Project. As I share with you, I’m looking forward to hearing from you as well. We’re going to do this thing together, right? Awesome! I’d love to hear one thing you’re going to choose to do differently in 2016. Please leave it in the comments section below.

Living my life,




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